"These sharpshooters like to keep their distance on the battlefield and in life. Nothing makes them happier than single-minded taking down their target."

The Archer is one of the first troops in the beginning of the game. Archers are a ranged unit that doesn't have a favorite target, they just attack anything in range. They are very weak against fire but are excellent shots over walls.

Using Archers in your offensive strategy must be carefully planned. Being that Archers are very weak under fire makes them vulnerable to nearly all defenses. Any defense with splash damage is even more of a threat to a group of Archers. Spreading your Arches out once deployed is a good idea to keep them from being one shot killed by a Mortar or a Wizard Tower. Using this type of Offensive strategy is called an Archer Rush. Using Tanks to take the Agro off of Archers is also a great strategy. Drop your Barbarians or Giants to distract the defenses as the Archers attack from behind walls.

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    Base level 5 for lvl 6 Archers? I don't think so!
Damage Type Unit Type Targeted
Single Target Any
Level HP DPS Training Cost Research Cost Research Time Base Level
1 20 7 50 - 20 sec
2 23 9 80 50,000 12 hrs
3 28 12 120 25,000 2 days
4 33 16 160 750,000 3 days
5 40 20 200 2,250,000 5 days
6 44 22 300 6,000,000 10 days
7 48 25 400 7,500,000 14 days